(2007) Diagnosing the Creativity of Designers: Individual feedback within Mass Higher Education

A unique aspect of my research has been the use of online ‘Creativity Diagnostics’ created to enable self-assessment and refection on key factors that influence individual creativity: factors such as identified by Harvard Business School Professor Teresa M. Amabile’s Componential Model of Creativity (1983, 1996).

In this project the practical and theoretical application of online creativity diagnostics are given. The work is firmly placed within the context of design education and mass higher education, particularly in terms of: expanding student numbers, higher Student Staff Ratios and a broader range student abilities in comparison to cohorts from a decade earlier.

The case that creativity diagnostics can offer a relevant method for the dissemination of individual feedback is discussed. Analysis from a range of parametric and non-parametric statistical tests are reported – as applied to student evaluations prior to and after using creativity diagnostics. Findings suggest (Jeffries, 2007a), creativity diagnostics are useful in raising student self-awareness in relation to creativity enhancement, and self-awareness of design skills in particular.