Research Projects

The projects presented below contribute to an established body of Creativity Research’. Whilst the majority of this field has developed through psychological and social science publications, my contribution, and that of my collaborators, is to develop a body of research focused on creativity enhancement within the creative industries. As a population, this covers a wide diversity of roles and occupations, of which my research interests have tended to sample from design-orientated professions: Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Sound Designers, Games Designers, for example.

Skills for Creativity in Graphic Design: Comprised of five studies focused on exploring the extent to which visualisation and written comprehension are correlated with graphic design creativity

Skills for Creativity in Games Design: A comparison between academic and practitioner conceptions of creativity in Games Design

IPR and Creativity Diagnostic Research: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues relevant to commercialising academic research on ‘Creativity Diagnostics’

Creativity Research Collaboration: A Creativity Diagnostic Portal for the Creative Industries

Diagnosing the Creativity of Designers: Individual feedback within Mass Higher Education

Enhancing Design Education: Designing an on-line learning and creativity profile generator

Assessing creativity: Theory and practice