What is Creativity? (Level 1)

In this online course, we will establish the foundations for your deeper understanding of creativity. You’ll be guided through an exercise that has informed the study of creativity for the last 50 years

Creativity Matters

Creativity has consistently been described as a critical 21st-century skill. The proposition goes that the world of work will change dramatically as the full impact of globalisation, automation, and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning take root. In this context, creativity is a means to offset the negative impacts of such changes, for example, as routine tasks are given over to “robots” and computer algorithms. Having an informed understanding of what is creativity is crucial to this possible future.

Course Aims

I have designed this entry-level course (Level 1) for those who are curious about creativity. The aim is to get you up-to-speed quickly and easily on a fundamental idea that has guided creativity research for many decades. Specifically, this course will provide you with:

  • A deeper understanding of the definition of creativity
  • A vital part of the “map” of what creativity is
  • Insights into your definition of creativity and how this connects with seminal creativity theory
  • Provide a robust framework on which you can add new knowledge in the future

As the adage goes, when is the best time to get into creativity research: about 20 years ago. When is the next best time? Now

Course Provider

I describe myself as a Creativity Professional: what I do is mentor, coach and train professionals to find novel answers. How I do it is bespoke; each person’s route to creativity is different, and I honour that uniqueness in what I do.

I have spent the past 20 years helping designers, and other professionals enhance their creativity and solve complex problems. As an internationally recognised researcher in the field of creativity, I am published in world-class design and creativity journals. Additionally, I have actively contributed to the growth of creativity research in the UK (For example, I chaired and hosted the 2019 UK Creativity Researchers Conference). I created, then delivered the University of Central Lancashire’s distance learning MA Creative Thinking course for twelve years.

During this time, the range of professionals I tutored (from freelance designers to educators, through to solicitors and dentists) reinforced that creativity can be enhanced. Through my approach to one-to-one coaching, the value of this experience is beneficial to any professional.

How Does it work

In my experience as an educator, I have consistently found learning/teaching through one-to-one coaching and mentorship to be incredibly powerful. Learning this way allows for knowledge to be adapted and customised to the learners understanding. Regardless of prior experience, it offers you the chance to ask any questions as they occur. Likewise, I get to see it “going in” and smooth that process when needed. It is my ideal way to “teach”; you’ll find it an ideal way to learn.

We’ll first have a quick chat via video conference (Zoom or Skype): get to know each other, check our online connection is good, and find out about your interest in creativity. We’ll then arrange to have the full session a few days afterwards. I will guide you through an exercise that has informed the study of creativity for the last 50 years. I’ll also help you apply this new knowledge to your individual circumstances and interest in creativity.

What is Creativity (Level 1) with live support via one-to-one video conferencing: £99.00

  • All course content is available via email
  • One-to-one support from a creativity expert
  • Online via Skype or Zoom
  • A choice of times that works for us both
  • Friendly, thoughtful and fun learning