Creativity Coaching

If you’re asking yourself at this point: is that a thing, coaching creativity? Can you coach folk to be more creative? Yes, is the simple answer. In truth, “Probably”, is a more informed reply; it depends on what you mean by creativity. If you think creativity is about being a genius whose innate talents change the world forever, then I accept that can get trickier. What I do is help professionals to think differently. They bring their professional expertise, and I bring mine. Together I coach them to find novel answers to whatever issue that’s the challenge of the moment. They get to find a novel answer, and even more importantly, through this process, they build creative muscle they can take forward to meet future challenges.

My approach to executive creativity coaching is goal orientated and designed to move towards a specific and deliverable outcome. Coaching often fits within a three-stage structure, with follow up activities required outside of each session.

Stage 1: Identity and clarify the problem and opportunities

Stage 2: Apply creative problem solving to find a range of solutions for practical implementation

Stage 3: Feedback on initial testing/prototyping, and establishing next steps for sharing outcomes

Each coaching session occurs as a one-to-one consultation. These can take place on-line via video web conferencing (such as Zoom) or at a suitable venue agreed by both parties.

Exact timing for each session can change depending on progress,as a guide, the maximum time for a session is four hours, and the least is likely to be 90 minutes. One common characteristic of achieving creative flow is the sense that “time flies”.

My style of coaching is highly interactive and bespoke. Specifically, this is a combination of design consultancy and research-informed creative thinking practices supported by established Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and strategies.