Graphic Design Grand Challenge (2nd June 2015 @ UCLan)

Graphic Design Grand Challenge_A5 Flyer

Graphic Design Grand Challenge (2nd June 2015 @ UCLan)

I am delighted to have initiated the Graphic Design Grand Challenge on the 2nd June at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Preston. Many folk have helped make this happen, and are now hard at work promoting the event, so please help spread the word too.

The day will build upon, and further inform, our current research on “Skills for Creativity in Graphic Design”, with the focus to gather industry views on the skills graphic design graduates need to succeed in the graphic design industry. It is an open invite to all companies who employ graphic design graduates, and I’m particularly interested in gathering as many Creative Directors and Senior Managers as we can for this event. I have another study underway that will look at graduates views and their immediate line managers, and it would be great to compare their views with those of senior staff.

A number of organisations, over the years, have asked about skills and competencies for the creative industries; many (like me) are still doing so. What I think is more radical and unique for this event (and the grand challenge!) is we are going to make more sense than I have seen to date. Admittedly, this can be complex and detailed stuff, but the aim of this event is to stop re-inventing the wheel, so to speak, and start to develop a framework upon which others can rely and build upon. I think we already have the academic foundations in place, so let’s build something that will last and can evolve to the needs of the creative industries and higher education.

Researchers and practitioners have already achieved such frameworks in other areas of human abilities (for example, intelligence and CHC theory), but I have yet to see this level of strategic overview for the Creative Industries, and I have certainly never seen this for Graphic Design. If you can come to the event, then you are going to be part of a new approach to the “skills gap” debate, and if you can’t make the 2nd June, but you know folk who will be interested, then please feel free to pass on my details.

Aside from helping inform our skills and creativity research at UCLan, I expect it will be a great networking opportunity, and a chance to bridge that divide I keep hearing about between industry and academia.

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