I’ve been MOOCT

I’ve been MOOCT

(Miniature Open Online Creativity Tutorials)

MOOCT, the Yin to MOOC Yang!

A few weeks ago saw the official arrival of MOOC’s (Massively Open Online Courses) in the UK via FutureLearn. You couldn’t listen to Radio Four on Wednesday 18th Sept without coverage on MOOCs. I hear that over 20,000 people from 158 different countries register for courses within the first 24hours: and I’ve added my name to that list since then. During the same time as FutureLearn was getting started I undertook all our one-to-one induction Skype tutorials for distance learning MA students at UCLan’s School of Art Design & Performance.

So, quite a contrast: the bespoke and personal way we approach distance learning on our courses and the development of a mass educational provision via the MOOC phenomena.

Not wanting to feel left out I thought I’d try out my own take on MOOCs, and I call it a MOOCT (Miniature Open Online Creativity Tutorials): see what I did there?  Sort of sounds the same, but a MOOCT is the yin to the yang of the MOOC!

Okay, how does a MOOCT work?  Here’s what is on offer:

FREE, no enrolment required – online creativity tutorials for anyone in the world.

This year, I’ve scheduled my course enquiry drop-in sessions from 6pm each Thursday evening throughout each semester. But, I also thought I could use this time to try out the concept of a MOOCT. The two are related in that often folk who are interested in the MA Creative Thinking have read the available material, and the purpose for me is to understand a little more about the sort of questions they have around creativity, and how I could support their creativity research.  So, identifying the question, in a light way, forms a central part of the discussion. And that, I see, is exactly what the concept of a MOOCT has to offer. Refining a question you have on creativity through a one-to-one tutorial.

Here’s the plan: if you have a question related to creativity, or a hunch on something about creative thinking, and want to talk with an expert in this field, then this could be the route to take.

Interested, what’s the next step?

Send me an email to with a question about creativity. Depending on the uptake, we’ll arrange shortly afterwards to hook up online via Skype video conferencing or Adobe Connect, and share our thoughts for 30 minutes. Prior to our tutorial, I’ll do some literature research specific to your topic; you do so also. After our tutorial, we’ll both know more, or understand more about the question you set.

Remember, it is meant to be fun, and it is going to be time limited; an experiment if you will in a MOOCT tutorial available each week for this academic year. If you’re happy to take part, drop me a line:

UCLan Staff Profile:


Twitter: @karlkjeffries

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